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Don’t get fooled by Job scams on Vietnamese social media, fake job posts are flooding Vietnam related Linkedin Groups

Vietnamese social media groups as well as Vietnamese online job posting boards are seeing a dramatic increase in fake job postings, most of…
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Using images to boost your SEO in Vietnam

The benefits of using images on your website whether you are a Vietnamese online retailer or a food blogger is indubitable: providing visual…
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How Vietnamese consumers are empowered through the web

There are 58% of Vietnamese citizens that regularly use the internet for an average of 16 hours a week, according to Nielsen (2013).…
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New ample sources for searching keywords – A must read article to be a SEO expert in Vietnam

Working as an online marketer allowed me to experiment with several new tools, one of which is the SEO PowerSuite that includes Rank…
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Surprising secrets to open the floodgates to your site | Inbound marketing and SEO Vietnam

To understand the importance of an effective headline for your content, let us consider two interesting facts (1): On average 80% of respondants…
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Using Twitter in Vietnam for your SEO and online marketing in Vietnam

In the last few years, social networks and community management have become a fundamental skillset of online marketing. It is extremely relevant to…
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Google’s official position on SEO (search engine optimisation)

Matt Cutts gives us Google’s official position on SEO (search engine optimisation). We came across this post on Search Engine Journal answering with…
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Google and Microsoft patents every SEO expert should be aware of

We all know the importance of having the right anchor text in a link pointing to a page we want to optimise for…
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Why is it important to include SEO (search engine optimisation) considerations from the very first step of your online project ?

Very often, at the initial stages of the creation of a web site, the main priorities are the graphics that will be used,…
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