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How to make your content go viral | Inbound marketing and social media in Vietnam

1. Scarcity: The unique aspect of the content from your post can lead to the fear of potentially “missing out” on information that is not available elsewhere. This is a great way to get people interested in your content. Readers … Continue reading

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Facebook likes, real or fake?

We’ve recently come across some interesting publications regarding some heavy suspicions that Facebook likes obtained through Facebook ads may be actually fake likes. If this were true, it would be another bad story for Facebook so we do hope they … Continue reading

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Google+, is it real?

Here is an interesting update on the use of Google+ and how it compares to other social media, coming from the Search Engine Journal. By creating accounts automatically for all new Google users, Google has been accused of artificially boosting … Continue reading

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Blackout Wednesday, a new kind of revolution?

Blackout Wednesday has seriously hit the SOPA and PIPA bills. These two bills, targeting online piracy have been widely perceived as a restraint on a free and open internet. Due to the huge public outcry and the blackouts implemented by … Continue reading

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Google is indexing Facebook comments

Good news for all the community managers and SEOs using social media like Facebook. Finally the content is getting crawled and indexed by Google. Google indexing Facebook comments This does prove that it is more important to have an interactive … Continue reading

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Google+ is the best thing that ever happened to Facebook

Well, you can’t say that Facebook was lying down while Google+ launched on June 28, 2011. In a series of aggressive (reactive) steps, the number one social media has been revamping itself and quickly delivering new options to its users … Continue reading

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