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What’s the best Web Analytics software out there?

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Here’s an interesting article on how to choose the best Analytics software for your website.
Which Web Analytics Is Best for You… and Why?

There is a wide range of products out there, it is actually impossible to choose THE best product. Our opinion is to use Google analytics (GA), at least at an initial stage because it is the best in several aspects:

1)       Free to use (watch out for the premium version in beta testing, soon to come with real-time data and a huge price tag).

2)      Existing reports and custom made ones will cover most of your needs, other paying software do the same for a fee.

3)      Integration with social interactions and new functions on the recent version

4)      Easy follow-up of your Adwords campaigns and integration with the essential Google Webmaster Tools.

5)      Last but not least, installing GA tracking code can also let Google (who is storing your stats) be aware of your specific stats, if you’re playing clean, this can only benefit you. Some people won’t agree with this and prefer not to let Google access their stats…

The main pitfall being that there is no real user support for GA, you either have to find your answers on the forum or via a certified partner or SEO consulting company.

“Web analytics doesn’t have to be confusing. As long as you understand what you need to measure, the time and frequency you need reports and how much you can spend, then you can select products that will help you improve your websites success, which is the name of the game.” (Neil Patel, 31/10/2011)

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