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New ample sources for searching keywords – A must read article to be a SEO expert in Vietnam

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Working as an online marketer allowed me to experiment with several new tools, one of which is the SEO PowerSuite that includes Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass and Website Auditor. These 3 softwares allow me to do so many SEO related fixes and optimization that I believe this software suite is one you should add to your online marketing toolbox.

Part 1: Gathering keywords ideas by using new association approach

The old way

How do we usually find our keywords? A majority of us will answer good old “Google Keyword Planner”. However until I read an article from Link Asisstant I realized that all of us have made the same innocent mistake that we haven’t noticed yet. Here’s an example: If your client is a user generated content (UGC) service provider and they ask you to improve their ranking, what are the keywords that come to your mind first? Through brainstorming you might come up with several keywords that associate this main keyword with other interesting topics your client might be involved in such as UGC moderation, content moderation, image moderation, video moderation, community moderation and so on. If you only use Google Keyword Planner (GKP), your list of keywords will not be diverse enough:

Google Keywords Planner result

After typing “user generated content” on Google Keyword Planner you can see that the results are just about UGC only. It is obvious that Google doesn’t show several associated keywords like those that I have mentioned above or you may have thought. Of course we cannot deny the effectiveness of Google Keyword Planner in SEO. However I do believe that there are today other ways to find keywords that might be more effective.

The new way

I think we can all agree that a person who is interested in UGC will likely look for image moderation, video moderation, content moderation and blog management. Then why not focusing on these keywords as well?

One of the SEO PowerSuite softwares named Rank Tracker will help you find more relevant keywords through its suggest keywords function:

rank tracker keyword suggest

Below is a list of research methods that can be used through Rank Tracker to find relevant keywords:

Rank TrackerReproduced from

Useful tips

You can also access to your competitors’ sites or blogs and skim to get more keywords ideas with another great tool of the SEO PowerSuite, Website Auditor. All you need to do is create a new project for a competitor and choose the landing page you want to analyze. From there you just need to enter keywords and the tool will automatically collect keywords from this page including page content, page title, meta description etc.

website auditorReproduced from


Part 2: Discovering new sources for keywords ideas

The old way

As mentionned previously using Google Keyword Planner is a very common yet not that effective way to get potential keywords you would like to focus on.

The new way

According to, there are several other sources that you can get keywords from:

  • Übersuggest
  • Bing Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Spy
  • Wordstream
  • Google Display Planner
  • SEO Book keyword tools
  • Google Trends
  • Soovle
  • SEMrush

As you can see there are 9 different tools which can help you identify powerful keywords. However it will take you a lot of time using every one of them individually. If you are a Rank Tracker user everything will be much, much more simple. When using its suggest keywords function Rank Tracker let you also choose the source (Bing, Yahoo, Ask). You can also run this process as many time as you want until you get a long enough list of keywords.

1.    Using long-tail keywords to satisfy Google Hummingbird

As of August 2013 a new search algorithm by Google called Hummingbird is paying more attention to every word in a query, to ensure that the whole sentence or conversation is taken into account. Therefore if you use a complete set of relevant keywords on your site, it might get better rankings in the end.

2.    Adding more details for keywords

You can modify your keywords by adding some components such as:

  • Time & date: SEO Company in Vietnam in 2014
  • Quality or price: The best SEO Company in Vietnam/ The most affordable SEO services in Vietnam
  • Intent & location: Find SEO Company in Vietnam/ Looking for SEO Company in Vietnam.

Part 3: Hitting only money-making keywords

The old way

Currently, a majority of SEO experts tend to base on search volume and competition from Google Keyword Planner to evaluate keywords. There is no doubt that this method does not take too much time and still provides reliable results. However if you only use this method to evaluate your keywords you will deal with some misleading information.

Specifically, average monthly searches are just a rough estimate and they are not a 100% accurate indicator. Furthermore some occasional keywords such as “Valentine gifts” might get more than 300,000 searches in February and only 200 in September. In Vietnam the amount of searches about “tour du lịch ngày Tết – special tourism in Tet holiday” in November and December might be very high while these searches in May or June are inexistant.

The new way

1st method: using long-tail keywords

Some SEO providers continue to think short-tail and high volume keywords would be the best for SEO. However you might be surprised to know that long-tail ones are actually more useful for SEO currently. In fact long-tail keywords (more than 3 words) will not bring huge search volumes but this traffic will be much more qualified and less likely to bounce from your site, which means conversion rate will be better too. Focusing on this content and keyword strategy when doing SEO in Vietnam might bring your site to the top 10 due to several reasons. First it is obvious that if your keyword is longer than 3 words, you will deal with less competition than short-tail ones (high volume, high competition). Next the longer keywords are the more details and information they provide. With more details you can target Vietnamese internet users more specifically and this will result in increase in your conversion rate. Furthermore in your long-tail keywords you already include competitive short-tail ones. Therefore if you are optimizing your long-tail keywords it also means that you are optimizing your short-tail ones indirectly.

2nd method: using commercial content words

Another new method is choosing words that have commercial intent. If you are currently doing business on your website, of course you will want your website to bring you profits by attracting potential clients. Some of you might deal with very high traffic on your site but the sales might be lower than your expectations. In this case, you should stop using keywords based on search volume and instead use keywords that have commercial intent. There are 2 categories of commercial keywords.

The first category is quick sale keywords including buy, purchase, discount, deal and so on. People who are ready to make a purchase tend to type these keywords in their search engines. Therefore if you use these words in your “white list”, you may have a higher conversion rate.

The second category is product description words including best, cheap, affordable, specific name of brand/ company (Golden Speed), specific product or service (SEO in Vietnam) and so on. These words are usually typed by people that are highly interested in specific products or brands. Of course the second category cannot bring immediately conversions like the first one but it will still bring a lot of traffic.

3rd method: using words that have good competition ratios

You can also analyze the keyword effectiveness index (KEI) to choose the best keywords. This metric measures the keywords that have the highest search volume but a lower competition. Rank Tracker allow you to analyze the KEI of hundred of keywords in order to find the one with a good search volume yet with a low competition. Sounds easy enough?

Useful tips

How can we as online marketers identify keywords that are more competitive than others? Through Google Keyword Planner you can easily take a look at the suggested bid column:

Google Keywords Planner results

As you can see some of the keywords such as “user generated content sites”, “user generated content websites” and “user generated content” have a suggested bid, price while the rest do not. In this case it means that only these words are highly competitive (in terms of competitors bidding on Google Adwords Vietnam), other keywords such as “user generated content definition” have a higher average monthly searches but it is not as competitive as the ones above.

You can also see which keywords is more competitive on Rank Tracker by looking at the “Cost per click” column.

cost per click in Rank TrackerReproduced from

Part 4: Explore new functions of competitor analysis

The old way

when conducting a competitor analysis, most online marketers will look again at the competition column in Google Keyword Planner but also look at the PageRank of said competitors. However this only gives limited results.

The new way

As you know, analyzing competitors is never an easy task. They don’t show all their secrets and you can spend a long time (perhaps too much time) analyzing their website and their strategy to understand their methods, hence a smell-test is a more appropriate solution. Here are some factors you may considers when analyzing a competitor’s website:

  • Backlinks: this can be a factor that contributes to why your competitor has higher rankings on search engines like Google Vietnam ( You can analyze these backlinks to find which site they get their links from and use this data as a reference for your own strategy.
  • On-page: You can also look at their on-page information such as their title, description, content and so on to evaluate whether they are applying excellent SEO.
  • Content: a unique and useful content usually attracts a lot of users, and you might know that not only people but Google algorithm also loves great content too.
  • Domain authority: finally you can also check the age of your competitors’ site and other indicators. This strategy can also help you evaluate the popularity of your competitor on social media.

The number of factors that you check will depend on the amount of keywords that you have and of course the time you have as well. Thankfully with the SEO PowerSuite you will be able to do all of that in just one click.

You can use one of Rank Tracker functions called “keyword difficulty” to analyze your competitors. This tool will check the top results for every keywords in your analysis and therefore show you how hard it is to achieve a higher ranking for every one of your keywords.

keyword-difficulty-in Rank TrackerRe-produced from

If you want to carry out a deeper analysis of your competitors, you can also use Website Auditor and SEO SpyGlass, two other softwares of the SEO PowerSuite. SEO SpyGlass helps you find where your competitors have backlinks and you can obviously use these links as reference for your own linkbuilding efforts in Vietnam.

SEO SpyGlassRe-produced from

By using Website Auditor, you can identity how well your competitor’s site are optimized under particular keywords.

website auditor - competitor analysisRe-produced from

SEO PowerSuite is really a toolbox for online marketers. Its softwares will allow you to perform your SEO tasks in a much more efficient way, whether you’re trying to achieve a higher ranking, traffic or CTR and this is why we at Golden Speed definitely recommend it and use it every single day.


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