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Why is it important to include SEO (search engine optimisation) considerations from the very first step of your online project ?

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Very often, at the initial stages of the creation of a web site, the main priorities are the graphics that will be used, the general design of the site, the user experience as well as how to convert a visitor into a customer.

 Taking into account from the beginning the various necessary aspects for a good SEO is often put aside when developing a website and sometimes these considerations are not even mentioned in the business plan.

In order to avoid heavy and costly modifications to your website, either structural or simply having to update a huge existing database, you must consider SEO from the very beginning of your online project.

Here are a few items to take into account from the moment you begin developing your website :

1)      Content: we’ve heard it many times but it still remains the key aspect to SEO. You will need an original, unique and relevant content on your pages. A very frequent error is to flood your web pages with graphics and multimedia content without taking the time to include some good content for the user and for SEO purposes.

A very useful tool can be including a business blog or a news and events page. This will enable you to include new content on a regular and frequent basis, very good for SEO.

2)      Coding: this can affect the overall performance of your website (loading pages) as well as the way search engines will (or will not be able to) read the content on your pages.

3)      Avoiding duplicate title and description metatags is vital and it pays to include the right metatags every time you add a new page. If not, the workload of doing it later, for a huge database can be very costly.

4)      URLs: your developer must be aware of the importance of these and set up the right format.

5)      The internal structure of your website and an updated XML sitemap are also important for your SEO. Having to change this once your site is up and running can be challenging, costly and ultimately a risky manoeuvre.

You must insist that your developer makes available an interface with which you can easily update or add content to your site while including all the items (headers, titles, description, url, keywords, alt desc, etc.) related to SEO. This must be discussed from the beginning with your developer.

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