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How to make your content go viral | Inbound marketing and social media in Vietnam

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As online marketers we often get asked by our clients and prospects:  Can you make my content, my video go viral?


1. Scarcity:

The unique aspect of the content from your post can lead to the fear of potentially “missing out” on information that is not available elsewhere. This is a great way to get people interested in your content. Readers will pay attention to your post if they think that the content from this post is too important to be ignored and that your post is a unique source.

One example of this would be the publishing of traffic fines for motorcycle violations in Vietnam. This content was previously unavailable and was intensively shared across social media.

2. Share buttons:

Sharing buttons

Sharing buttons can be easy to see on your post

Well-positioned share buttons can increase your virality significantly. Therefore, feature sharing buttons at least before and after each post.

3. Skimability:

Make sure your content is easy to skim because “the average user consumes approximately 20% of the content on a web page” (Jacob Nielsen). You can increase this factor by using Bold font for the main ideas and Italic font for the interesting content from your post. At the same time, you can improve your SEO by using title tag headers (H1, H2, etc.) and get specific parts of the text to stand out. Don’t forget the tags as well that are linked with your content.

4. Practical utility:

The useful contents that readers can apply right away to their case are the greatest way to make your virality increase. Readers prefer posts containing simple and practical information that they can learn directly from. That’s why posts including headlines that begin with “how to” easily get high clickability and shareability.

An example of this would be a step-by-step post about how to get a driver’s license in Vietnam including the place you would need to go to, the fees, the number of photos and the documents you would have to fill in and so on.

5. Consistency:

Social interaction rate

Social interaction rate

Trust and authority with your audience can be built by being consistent in regards to the quality and frequency of your content. You must keep all your posts at a high quality level and with your own writing style. Moreover, high social interaction rate (like/comment from Facebook or +1 from Google plus) for some of your previous posts can strongly help making you appear more legitimate to your readers.

5 Key Elements for Your Content to Go Viral

5 Key Elements for Your Content to Go Viral


These are 5 elements that will help your content to become viral, but remember that quality, excellent content is always a plus to reach global exposure.


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