This infographic makes it easy to understand how prices are set on Google Adwords

An infographic that will make understanding how Google Adwords Works, an easy and fun proposition. That’s quite a feat and we will certainly use this document to work with our clients on their PPC campaigns.

Note the importance of CTR in the algorithm used for calculating the price to pay per click. It shows the importance of permanently running competing ads and improving your CTR. This way you can pay less than your competitors for the same keyword and get a better position on the SERPs.

adwords google

Adwords infographic

Source: How Does the AdWords Auction Work? [Infographic] | Search Engine Journal

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One Response to This infographic makes it easy to understand how prices are set on Google Adwords

  1. dropbox portable from Brussels, 11, Belgium says:

    Great infographic

    32 billion in revenue is really … wow!

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