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Dangers of outsourcing web development: black hat techniques like cloaking hidden in your source code

It is common for small and medium sized businesses to outsource the development of their websites. This comes along with its advantages (mainly a low cost) and disadvantages (dependency on the provider when upgrading or changing functions on your website). … Continue reading

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Facebook likes, real or fake?

We’ve recently come across some interesting publications regarding some heavy suspicions that Facebook likes obtained through Facebook ads may be actually fake likes. If this were true, it would be another bad story for Facebook so we do hope they … Continue reading

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Google, judge and jury, what is your opinion?

At the beginning of this year Google was caught practicing the exact strategy that it forbids and sanctions with force.  A Google Chrome paid-link scandal was uncovered by Aaron Wall. Buying links is totally forbidden and that is what Google … Continue reading

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How to SEO Vietnam II

After Huê’s essay on how to SEO Vietnam, Phuong is giving it a go with what she has learned recently (she’s been on the team for two months). We are definitely going to pave the road for search engine optimization … Continue reading

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How to SEO Vietnam

This is a post by Huê dedicated to the specific topic of how to SEO Vietnam. Enjoy it!  Nowadays there are a lot of methods which can help you improve your ranking in the internet. One of the most popular … Continue reading

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Panda infographic explaining each milestone and how to solve Panda related problems

This is a great infographic that was posted on Single Grain – A Digital Marketing Agency. Easy to understand and including the steps to take to solve a Panda related issue.

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An introduction to rich snippets (videos)

Here is a useful compilation of videos from Google commenting their rich snippets and how to implement them. In hyper-competitive markets, these rich-snippets are certainly a way of taking a step further than your competition and making your page look … Continue reading

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Recent comments on Google Panda by Matt Cutts at Pubcon this November 2011

A very interesting comment thread was started at WebmasterWorld by a person having discussed the Panda algorithm with Matt Cutts at the recent Pubcon conference this November 2011. Panda is just an algorithm, any site can (potentially) get out if … Continue reading

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What’s the best Web Analytics software out there?

Here’s an interesting article on how to choose the best Analytics software for your website. Which Web Analytics Is Best for You… and Why? There is a wide range of products out there, it is actually impossible to choose THE … Continue reading

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An exact match between your keywords and your domain name does not guarantee success

An interesting post on Google Webmaster Help, reminds us that even though having your keywords match exactly your domain name will certainly help your rankings, it is far from being enough by itself, especially when you buy an existing domain … Continue reading

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