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Google drive is coming to town

It now seems that Google drive will soon become a reality. This application will compete with Dropbox, one of our personal favorites. May the…
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Google+ wants you!

Remember the poster “Uncle Sam wants you”? Well, we could say the same with Google as they have now opened Google+ to the…
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Google+ is the best thing that ever happened to Facebook

Well, you can’t say that Facebook was lying down while Google+ launched on June 28, 2011. In a series of aggressive (reactive) steps,…
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Google’s search share dips while Yahoo and Bing are improving theirs

Here are some up to date figures regarding search engine market shares. Google still rules supreme but we cannot ignore the recent progress…
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SEO, art or science?

The answer is BOTH. An SEO professional must constantly update his technical knowledge and improve his skills. Only experience, creativity and constant testing…
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Why is it important to include SEO (search engine optimisation) considerations from the very first step of your online project ?

Very often, at the initial stages of the creation of a web site, the main priorities are the graphics that will be used,…
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The growth of social media: An infographic

Here are some very interesting and up to date infographics (source SearchEngineJournal) on social media growth. While some of the data is US…
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Content is King but the User is the Emperor

The dogma “Content is king” has never ceased to prove it’s worth, especially after recent Panda updates. More than ever, unique, original and…
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